Back to the roots... But it is much better!

Dear users,

in the last few days you have definitely noticed that our new instance is not as
well protected as our old one.
That's why today I moved the instance back to our old node from Mallorca in Spain.

I hope this solves the problems for good!

kind regards

Protected by Netscout Arbor Cloud

Dear users,

as of today 10/14/2022 we are no longer under the VAC firewall of OVH but we are now
under the protection of Arbor Netscout Cloud.
This DDoS protection has been successfully tested for two decades and leaves nothing to be desired!

For questions we are of course at your disposal !

Technical facts:
Operating ASN now: AS49581 - Synlinq (Arbor)

best regards,

We are now operating @AS12876 ~ poneytelecom

Hello users,

our bot service is currently being moved to a new infrastructure in the AS12876 data center.
The maintenance work is scheduled until 05.08.2022.

We will inform you about the whereabouts.

With kind regards

Our service moved to another LvL!

Dear users,

due to increasing number of users, today we were forced to move the service to another location.
The old location should be known as Strasbourg in France.
The new location is now in Warsaw and is also equipped with our own VAC firewall.

The move also allowed us to reduce latency by a few milliseconds.

We hope you like this solution and wish you a pleasant day!

With kind regards ~Nils

Server moved! - Channel and groups migrated

Sehr geehrte Nutzer,

am 26.04.2020 um 6:30 UTC+2 (7:30) UTC+3 wurde erfolgreich unser Server "" auf unseren neuen Server "" migriert.
Wir erhoffen uns von diesem Umzug eine deutlich bessere Qualität der Anbindungen zu uns.

Weiterhin sind alle DNS-Zugänge wie ",, und co." nutzbar und werden auch nicht abgeschaltet.

Wir wünschen euch weiterhin viel Spaß mit uns!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen - Administration

Teamspeak (official mirror)

Teamspeak 5 Beta (latest)

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